News: Full cast confirmed

As of today, we can finally confirm the full cast for Wuthering Heights.

The lead roles of Shakunlala and Krishan will be played by Youkti Patel and Pushpinder Chani respectively. Pushpinder performed in Tamasha’s first Bollywood musical, Fourteen Songs Two Weddings and a Funeral, and has a number of theatre, film and television credits behind him. Youkti graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in 2007, and was a series regular in the three-part BBC drama Casualty 1907. Wuthering Heights is Youkti’s professional stage debut.

Gary Pillai will play their wealthy neighbour Thakur Vijay, Anil Kumar as Shakuntala’s brother Hari and Sheena Patel as Vijay’s sister Anita. The domestics, Yusuf and Ayah, will be played by Nish Nathwani and Tamasha stalwart Rina Fatania. Also appearing will be Shammi Aulakh as Baba, Divian Ladwa as Changoo and Amith Rahman and Davina Perera as part of the ensemble.

For full cast biographies, click here.


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