“Wuthering Heights” Rehearsal – Week 4

The best part of going to the movies is the trailers. Everyone loves a sneak preview of what’s coming next, snatched glimpses of the action to whet your appetite – you can’t beat the movies for trailers. Until recently.

If you’ve been following the blog so far, you’ll already have seen some video interviews with the cast or watched them rehearsing.This week , we’ve got another exclusive video: Pushpnder Chani (‘Krishan’) and Youkti Patel (‘Shakuntala’) in rehearsals for the show’s main love song The Sun Will Rise.

Wuthering Heights will be like a classic Bollywood movie by following a classic Bollywood convention: actors lip-synching to the songs sung by professional vocalists. Wuthering Heights will embrace this convention to encapsulate the spirit of Bollywood cinema. So check out the clip below to see Pushpinder and Youkti being real movie stars in the rehearsal room:

Meanwhile, the work is building up and spilling out of the rehearsal room and spreading out across London: singers are being recorded in studios, TV and press are being contacted in the office, and in our design team’s workshop they are building a fold-away camel by the name of Sister Josephine.

An extraordinary amount of people are each putting in their bit to bring the show to life. Director Kristine Landon-Smith tells us how, even though work on the show is happening at all points of the compass, the real excitment will happen when these parts are brought together:

“Two more weeks left in the rehearsal room before we move to production week in Oldham. The work is progressing apace – next week Nikki should finish her choreography and John his final mixes. Week 5 will see the final mixes coming in to the rehearsal room and I hope that will give us plenty of time to run the work in the rehearsal room over and over again. The rhythm of the piece as a whole is so important and one only finds this through constant running. The technical side of the show is also very complicated and this is why it is so important to have all the work with the company absoluely pinned down before we move to the theatre – once we get in there most of my attention will have to be on the technical side. Suddenly the rehearsal room seems very safe – moving into the theatre is the next big jump to take!”

Amongst all the people helping Kristine and the company to Oldham are the Observers. Tamasha has always been a strong supporter of up and coming artists with the Tamasha Development Artists porgramme and on Wuthering Heights five directors have had the opportunity to watch rehearsals and discuss with Kristine about her methods. We caught up with a few of them to see how they felt it was going:

“It has been inspiring to observe Kristine’s talent of directing through play and pleasure with the actors at the centre of this creative process. Our lunchtime meetings and her inclusiveness and openness throughout the rehearsal period has encouraged me to pursue and explore this process in my future career and role as an actor trainer.”

Jill Donker-Curtis

“The last 4 weeks have been fascinating – Kristine’s ability to nurture the actor’s talents, to know when to give direction and how specific to be is a honed skill she’s obviously developed through years of experience. It’s made me realise that knowing each individual actor’s process is vital, as everything stems from them. The atmosphere set up in the rehearsal room is one that’s buzzing with energy. It’s great to be a part of and I’m excited for Oldham now that everything is finally coming together in this epic show!”

Mel Hillyard

Meanwhile, here’s some new shots from this weeks rehearsals:

So if, like myself, you fancy yourself something of a Bollywood star, you can practice lip-synching along with the song by singing into your hairbrush in front of the mirror.

Alternatively, you can just sit back, grab some popcorn, enjoy the trailers and wait for the lights to go down on the main feature.


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